Ways To Make Your Website Work For You

Top Ways To Keep Your Website Up To Date

You already know that your website matters, but you may not know how to position it to keep up with the growth of your company. In today’s post, we will take a quick look at some best practices to keep your website up to date. The following few paragraphs will give you a few thinking points as you discuss your digital marketing plan with your web designer and marketing team.

Make It Run at the Speed of Now!

People are impatient. There is no doubt about that. Your website needs to be reactive and, importantly, load quickly so that users don’t bounce back to the search engine. Kjerstan Designs uses the most intuitive design platforms (including WordPress and Wix), which are designed to ensure speedy load times. Search Engine Journal recognizes slow-to-load pages as the number one reason that people click off of your site before exploring your content.

Integrate With Your Current Systems

If you currently utilize ERP and CRM systems, make sure these work together and work with your website to ensure a seamless user experience. As your customers order from your site, you’ll want to make sure to collect the information you can use to improve their experience.

Their orders should also pull directly out of your inventory so that you are not inadvertently selling 10 of something you only have three in stock. Perhaps most importantly, integrating your CRM with your website will reduce customer churn.

Bring Attention to Your Site

Did you know that there were more than human eyes looking at and for your website? Google utilizes a system of “crawlers” that search the web when users submit a query in the search bar. Zenbusiness mentions that your website should be search engine-friendly so that the crawlers can see it, grab it, and put it directly in your potential customers’ faces.

Make sure that your content has the right keywords (you can use the free keyword planning tool from Google Ads without running a campaign). In addition to organic searches, you can utilize ads, social media, and even email marketing to keep get your site noticed.

Remember, Visuals Matter

Although people are not the only ones looking at your site, visuals still matter. Your site has to be visually appealing, easy to look at, and eye-catching. One element that you should pay special attention to is your website banner. You can utilize services, such as the Adobe Spark banner maker to create banners, with or without animations and videos, for your website, YouTube, or social media channels. Whether you post on Twitter, Facebook, or another outlet, pay close attention to the elements of your banner and avoid colors and fonts that make it look cheesy or outdated.

Provide Amazing Content

Great, so you’ve got your website up and running. It’s fast. It looks great. You are excited to watch your traffic numbers go up. But, wait. You can bring customers to your site all you want to, but you still have to provide them with content that makes them want to stick around. Constant Contact explains that you can do this by doing a customer case study, answering common questions, and offering in-depth information on how to use your products. Photos, videos, blog posts, and even product descriptions on your e-commerce store are all important pieces of content that deserve special attention.

Why Keep Your Website Up To Date?

Your website is your business’s digital storefront. If your users don’t like the way it looks, they’ll keep on strolling and scrolling down an endless road of search results until they find a site that meets their expectations. You cannot afford to spend the money designing and launching a website only to let it get lost in the search engine seas. Not to mention your website security. The tips above can help you scale, grow, and remain relevant through 2021 and beyond.

Kjerstan Designs can build a website that’s responsive, beautiful, and ready to work for you.

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Top Ways To Keep Your Website Up To Date
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